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vermin by brian hemming at ghost in the machine in brighton, ma
last year our sewer pipes decided our xmas theme
On June 18, 1964, black and white protesters jumped into the whites-only pool at the Monson Motor Lodge in St. Augustine. In an attempt to force them out, the owner of the hotel poured acid into the pool.
Bandita by Dre Tattoo at Boartooth Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA
A remodel project did not get completed in time for Thanksgiving, so my daughter painted a turkey on the plywood
The shape, by Kamran at Rhythm & Blues tattoo in Wilmington,NC
Snek steals flipflop
[1920x1080] Ford Fiesta WRC
Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey
My mom told me to make something nice to wear for Thanksgiving. I think I nailed it.
First picture: Cher playing the role of Tullis, and Eric Stoltz playing the role of Rocky Dennis in the biographical drama film Mask...The second picture, is actually the real Florence Tullis and Rocky Dennis.
I climbed above a sea of clouds to catch the sunrise, Dolomites, Italy [OC][2048x1536]
Lina Tran
when they don't allow rainbow armbands at the World Cup
Amazon workers in the U.S. and 30 other countries plan Black Friday protests
A Foggy Morning in Upstate New York (2745 × 3932) [OC]
Epic tattoo: Ash's Pikachu vs Leon's Charizard. By Luis Bonilla in Costa Rica
'Freedom Convoy 2.0' being planned for February 2023
Frozen Waterfall in Vatnajökull Glacier Cave, Iceland [1920 x 1280px] [OC]
Something tells me that they didn't think this through.
A British blacksmith removing the leg irons off a slave in 1907 off the coast Of Mozambique.
looks likes a mating ritual on a game without a chat function
Hot Dog
Russia To Ukraine: 'Fulfill Our Demands' And Attacks Will Stop
cool wallpaper[3840x2160]
(OC) This is Wiley. He tolerates cuddles but prefers that you leave him alone.&. If
Glitch Art Abstract Dark [3840x2160]
Macie Swackhammer
Panorama Ridge at Garibaldi Provincial Park - British Columbia, Canada [OC] [3024x3780]
Rual Ireland (oc) (3000×4000)
Dove Cameron
Sara Crumbleleg
Regitze Christensen
Female Colombian Judge Suspended After Appearing on Virtual Court Hearing in Her Underwear, Smoking in Bed
Geisha done by Aaron Kolell, Evolution Ink, in Watertown, WI.
44 years ago (Nov 22nd 1978), WKRP in Cincinatti decided to promote Thanksgiving with a very special publicity stunt to surprise the holiday shoppers
Ashley Smouter
He thinks he's so cute
Vanessa Kirby
Ukraine receives 2.5 billion euros in assistance from EU
second session on this cover up by Chris bowen at inked arts in buford, ga
He felt safe on my head at the Vet.
Kamikochi "Japan's Alps" [OC, 3024x4032]
(OC) This is my precious Cassio. He meows like a crow. 😻
Sharing is love
Julia Meck
Weight limit of the bounce house was exceeded
My childhood in one tattoo. Sarah Arnold, Fate and Fortune Boynton Beach FL.
Lake in Washington State [OC] [3863 × 1856]
Don’t download Qatar World Cup apps, EU data authorities warn: Two World Cup apps pose serious privacy and security risks, European privacy regulators say.