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Reflection in SW Colorado, USA [oc] [6023x4440]
This Is What Bone Cancer Looks Like
This very popular photo captured by Timothy C. Roth from Task Force Turtle portrays a snapping turtle that emerged after hibernation carrying the "earth" on its back.
Kate D
In 1887, Susanna Salter’s name was placed on the ballot to become mayor of Argonia, Kansas. The men who nominated her as a joke, and without her consent, thought she would lose in a landslide. With sixty percent of the vote, Salter was elected as the first female mayor in the United States.
Reddit Talk on 06/10: What is at stake for Brazil with left-wing Lula and far-right Bolsonaro as candidates?
Russia no longer has full control of any of four ‘annexed’ Ukrainian provinces
Quite possibly the cutest video I’ve ever taken. He gets scared when we ride elevators so he hugs me 🤗
In 1996 Ukraine handed over nuclear weapons to Russia "in exchange for a guarantee never to be threatened or invaded".
My Dad and the Aftermath of Hurricane Ian
Took the dogs for a walk yesterday. Can't think of a caption.
I had to file a claim with UPS regarding a dildo that was apparently stolen by someone named “savage,” (that’s who was marked as receiving it). I was embarrassed at first, but I made myself cackle while filling out the “item description”
Paco De Lucia redefined flamenco guitar
Until 1956, French children attending school were served wine on their lunch breaks. Each pupil was entitled to 4 glasses (125ml) a day
Classmate made fun of me for saying my dog is my best friend! So here is Kevin (OC)
eye balls
Yeah, I'm aware of the invention called socks, but that means I'd have to get off the couch!
Covid Disinfectant Sprayed in Houses in Village as Part of China's 'Zero Covid' Policy Kills13 Uyghurs of Disinfectant Poisoning
Plunkers the Cat [OC]
(OC) Happy Sunday all! I wanted to share with you this little sloth I made this last week! He's created in glass and I'm TOTALLY obsessed with how it turned out!
If you don't have a color paper then you can make an airplane with notebook paper
In 1992, John Thompson was home alone when he had both his arms ripped off in a farming accident. However he still managed to get up and dial for help by holding a pencil in his mouth. He survived and both his arms were reattached.
Lily Weber
Pirates Against Ableism
Suribachi Pond in front of Mt. Asahidake (OC)(5504 × 8256)
The insanely talented Doreen Ketchens playing in the streets of New Orleans
[OC] [2048x1367] Trollfjord, Lofoten
Brazil tallies votes in Lula-Bolsonaro presidential race
The Lizzo crystal flute performance that has offended Republicans apparently. The flute was made in the 1800s for President James Madison
Ukraine’s Armed Forces liberate Torske and strike occupiers in Kreminna
Say hello to our new chunky boy, Bartholomew
I’m dying, of both laughter and old age
This photorealistic oil painting by Robin Eley
I like making wooly cute bears by needlefelting, hope it makes you smile!
Pew pew…
An alpine meadow during the dawn, Swiss Alps [OC] [1298x2000] IG: arpandas_photography_adventure
Autumn on Mount Rainier, WA [OC] 3200x3000
Trump's self-described 'love letters' to Kim Jong-un seized from Mar-a-lago have been published
Chenega glacier in Alaska [OC] [6000x4000]
He was jogging and suddenly his life flashed before his eyes.
'Baltic friends' would welcome Ukraine's accession to NATO
[OC] The robot spider that I made from hardware accessories.