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A rat once broke inside an Indian ATM. The rat shredded $17,662 worth of Indian rupees and then died
A man in London was about to jump of a bridge and he was talked down by complete strangers, they also held on to him until help arrived. The care, selflessness, determination and compassion shown by strangers to a hurting man.
“Leek 415” has the most mesmerizing moves
walkabout 3
Hurricane Ian seen from space
Old lava flow meets the ocean, Big Island, Hawaii [OC][4032x3024]
Marina Bondarko
Thorn meets another baby sheltie, Pooh Bear! [OC]
Two Parrots Cuddling 💚
Methane leaking from the damaged Nord Stream pipelines is likely to be the biggest burst of the potent greenhouse gas on record, by far.
UPDATE: The Storm wall approaches.
Alica Schmidt [2022-06-02]
Norway to deploy military to protect its oil and gas installations
Alexandra Kosheleva
Cowee Mountain, NC [OC] [5000x4000]
My 4 yr old is clearly the master of hide and seek.
Teamwork makes the dream work!
Cat: i can flyyyyyyy...(bubbling)
Alexandra Daddario
A derpy orange
Hiking at Lake Tahoe, Nevada [OC] 1908x4032
I finished working on a calendar with my author's drawings
He furious
Israel’s foreign ministry says that it will not recognize Russia’s referendum results and that it recognizes Ukraine's territorial integrity
Sleepy time for Coffee
Who's a good Kitty
Cute Dog Group Photo
Mountain Lake in the Dolomites, Italy [OC][2048x1365]
What's the name of this frog ?
Anastasia Cebulska
My parents’ tiny corgi meets my boyfriend for the first time. I think she’s in love (OC)
[OC] This sweet girl was formally only known by the tattoo number in her ear. She is now Libby.
Ukraine can use Western weapons in regions that Russia plans to declare its own - Blinken
Sunrise on the Ko’olua Mountain Range, Oahu, Hawaii (OC) [5687x3199]
Top Tier Motorcycle Riding
Martyna Balsam
Crescent Falls, Alberta, Canada [OC] [3669x5504]
This is June. She knows she's cute. [OC]
Whitney Thornqvist
Carnival - ink and acrylic painting
Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland [4032x3024] [OC]
Canada bans street dogs from more than 100 countries starting Wednesday
Water is all gone in preparation for Hurricane Ian here in Florida
Emerson Illawllyn
West coast sunset, Cox Bay, Tofino Canada, [OC] [5784x3856]. @paulovphotography on Vero and IG
Ukraine's president: No talks with Putin if its land annexed
Angie Macias
Ella-Rae Smith
We made it through our first week of chemo, and she gets to go home today!