Mobilised Russians call Ministry of Defence of Ukraine hotline asking how to surrender
Russia to boycott Oscars as cultural isolation deepens | Russia will not submit a film to the Oscars this year, the first time the country has boycotted the prestigious film awards since the fall of the Soviet Union, as Moscow’s cultural isolation deepens.
Tinikling - A Traditional Philippine Folk Dance.
New Sheriff in town
Maroon Bells, CO [6828x4920] [OC]
That’s one way to get peoples attention
Queenstown, New Zealand [OC][6720 x 4480]
The side of ancient Athens , during dusk.
paper bat flying like a real bat
EU, US question Serbia’s EU commitment after Russia deal
Susi Vidal
Snoop Dogg on Wheel of Fortune (real, not a skit)
I build unnecessary products and tOdAY i MAdE a dEViCE sO YoU cAn tyPe LIkE thIS.
What happens when men do it...
Hadis Najafi tying her hair up at the protest moments before getting killed by the Iranian police!
Doggo joins the folk dance
Follow up to the "Russia moment" post: Vodka doesn't make you bulletproof!
Iran vows ‘no leniency’ as seething women-led protests enter 10th day
Ukraine receives U.S. air defence system
Japan bans chemical weapons-related goods to Russia, concerned by nuke threats