Greenest moss I've ever seen - Alftavatn, Iceland [4016 x 6016] (OC)
I made a song entirely of artists singing "yeah"
An experimental pill achieves complete cancer remission in 18 people with aggressive leukemia
Sarah Waddles
crusader tattoo
Tatoo viking aspect ratio 4:7
Tatoo viking
Welp... that was clean but he's so proud of himself I can't be mad
Skull Cat by Autumn at Independence Tattoos in Chesapeake, VA
Hilary Duff
The rugged Southern Oregon Coast as seen from above. [1332x2000][OC]
Hmmm water
Biden administration announces new $2.5 billion security aid package for Ukraine
Wait what
White Sands National Park, NM, USA [OC] [3000x4000]
My SO left a very subtle hint for me this morning.
A not so impressed security guard at Paris Fashion Week
The binding of Fenrir, by me, Katie Chiang, Sweet Roll Tattoo in Cary, NC
Mystery divers rescued near Polish energy sites in the middle of the night offer dubious explanation, and vanish
Grassi Lakes [OC] [4032 x 3024]